Cannonball vs Car – 1 : 0 [video]

Rated RR has some awesome episodes about firearms, explosions and, of course, cannonballs. In the video above he tested an age old weapon agains a car. Of course, the car gets trashed in no time, even when the cannonball simply goes through the engine and then flies out from the back of the car.

Now some physics. Rhett Allain, Associate Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, wrote a very nice piece of article on Wired about the Mythbuster cannonball that went on a 800 m jump between houses near the firing range.

His calculus says: in order to slow down a 5.5 kg cannonball that is flying with about 300 m/s you would need about 2 m of water. And that is to slow it down to 100 m/s. Did you know that bullets fires in water will disintegrate after 2-3 meters in water? The change of medium air-water is occurring too fast and thus, the bullets simply get crushed.

And, if out of curiosity, you wanted to know what terminal velocity would a skydiver have, simply use this calculator. This differs form the cannonball situation because the motion is only downwards and it does not imply horizontal velocity.

Science is great!

Via [Gizmodo].

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