GMO – genetically modified organism are good for us?

GMO or genetically modified organisms are (usually) plants that received a part of DNA from another plant (usually) in order to increase some of the characteristics like drought survival, better fruits, more proteins and so on. Let me start by saying that I do think this is a filed we should explore and I would approve and eat such food.

We evolve and technology allows us to really “make” our food. The reason I put up this video is that, although I am OK with GMO, I am not ok with the way they may be created. Health is the first reason why we should look into GMO labelling and check each and every step of production. World population grows, we need to find new ways to obtain food, but also need to be carefull.

And no, the food isn’t ending sometimes soon. The issue is resource allocation, but that is another history. Also, since I am an EU citizen I like that out EP works to protect us (in msot of the time). In the US there seems to be a secrecy surrounding the GMOs. You may want to see the video from below.

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