The promise of the stars: how space travel improves life on Earth

Fragile Oasis contains the blog of ISS astronauts. They explain there their daily tasks, their hopes and their fears. Humans in space that are bold enough to trust in technology to brind us to the stars. The tech involved in sending people to ISS and back and to explore the space will eventually land in our homes.

Some of the instruments form astronomy and astronautics have generated tools for everyday use trough special programmes like technology transfer. You have now WiFi because of the radioastronomy and some Rectenna devices are becoming more popular as the technology improves. And NASA used Rectennae on satellites during the eighties.

How can space travel improve life on Earth? Through projects like technology transfer and the Unity Node, as in the video from above, which involves global cooperation in order to promote and find solutions of the current worlds issues? Astronaut Ron Garan promotes Unity Node wherever he can and believes that the failure of today’s society is caused by the duplication of effort, bad planning and unhealthy competition.

Now, let’s be amazed once again by what the tech can do> look in the most distant places of the Universe (13.5 billions years back in time):

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