The avengers – the honest trailer edition

I have enjoyed most of the part of Avengers, but didn’t really likes that the Universes of these heroes have been combined into Universe where there are more heroes that work as a team. Although the idea is not new I could see Hollywood being very eager to squeeze some more pennies from the drooling fans.

Who wouldn’t see the movie? The above video is a small parody that translates in few words the actual essence of the movie. The Avengers was packed with action and form all the heroes I like Hulk and Iron ?Man more. Yes, Captain America wasn’t really the most popular 😀

If you would look at the scientific background of the movie, well, forget it. You need a good dose of belief in magic beings to get through the movie OR you would need to be really eager to see some heads smashed and big explosions, like I wanted to 😀 Anyways, what did you liked at The Avengers?

Via [Neatorama].

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