We need to push more for affordable green energy

Everything Animated has the above video in its list and i’m happy I got my clicks on it. The well known interests are still prevailing and we won’t see big changes in decades to come if we don’t push more for green energy.

Constantin wrote about Mad Like Tesla and gave a few solutions that could help in the present and future. His blog is all about solar power energy and how it can help each one of us.

Go solar, go green.

2 Responses to “We need to push more for affordable green energy”

  1. It’s amazing how a different format can do so much to help get a message across.

    I’m with you. Go solar, go green

    • It will be still a while until we will see all these all over the world. In Sweden for example, they have a well cut out culture about green and they are awesome at this. I hope we’ll have clean cars in the future too 😀