What if Earth were hollow and what does it take to destroy the Sun?

Minute Physics explores a world where we can fall through Earth to the other side and also asks what if Earth were hollow?

If we had a tunnel from one Pole to the other and would jump in it we would accelerate until we would reach maximum speed at the core of Earth and then go forth until you would slow down at the other Pole. Normally you would float freely in the center of the Earth, if you weren’t already falling like a mad man with 8km/s.

If Earth would be hollow, then we would not have any magnetic field to protect us from dangerous radiation and the auroras would be found just about anywhere over the Earth. And we could float inside it. How cool is that?

Going forward with physics and a ton of “What ifs” Vsauce asks if we can extinguish the Sun. If we had a water gun so big that we could fire water with the mass several times bigger than Sun’s what would happen? Well, the Sun would not extinguish, but it would add more mass and the reactions in it would accelerate.

An interesting thing to remember is that the Sun does not burn in a classical sense. Burning is a chemical action that makes exchange of electrons, but the fusion inside our Sun is a bit differnt. Way different, in fact. In the Sun two nuclei fuse together to for a third particle that has less energy than the two taken apart and thus this process releases a lot of energy. If the Sun would burn, it would last only a couple thousands of years. Fusion saves us, FTW.

See how Vsauce would kill our Sun:

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