What if all humans would jump in the same time?

Vsauce explains what would happen if 7 Billion people would all jump at the same time. The Earth would move with about one hundredth of the width of an Hidrogen atom. Not bad. Anyways, we are way too small to even count against the mass of Earth.

All 7 billion people could fit inside Los Angeles if you would put them near each other. Much bigger impact can an earthquale have. For example, Japan’s earthquake from 2011 sped up Earth’s rotation so that each day is now 1.8 microseconds shorter. BBC did a study like this and gathered 50 000 people to jump at the same time. An earthquake of o.6 degrees was created.

I find it interesting that people spend time to actually do these kind of studies. Do these studies matter? Yes, they do. Let me tell you why.

When you do even the most audacious or crazy study you are prone to discover something that will help people in even the remotest domains. A biologist invented the secure glass, the army invented teflon and now we’re using it and many other counter experiments have lead to help humans in general.

So, yes, I want them to do all these crazy studies and show me the facts. What I like in the Vsauce videos is that Michael presents different angles of the story and cites trustworthy source. Whatever you say it is best if you have the community to back you up, because perr-reviewd studies will make sure you don’t end up making false claims and bogus scientific theories.

Regarding bogus theories now it is a good time to read Carl Zimmer’s post on Download The Universe about the Demise of guys and you’d get the point. Peer reviewed is the key. Since reading his post I take each TED (and any TEDx talk for that matter) with a grain of salt. I was kinda disappointed to see on TED people with ideas that drift away from logic and real, authoritative studies.

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