VSauce presents DONG: secure password, constellations and many more

VSauce has a series of shows named DONG – Do Online Now, Guys where he gives you ideas on how to spend time online if you ever get bored. Some of the websites are funny, but others are very educative.

Take for example the PassWord Tester, which shows you in how much time will a PC break your password. Or try with Constellations in the Future, which shows how will the constellations look like in thousands of years from now.

not enouigh? Try with Giant Image Viewer, high res images of paintings, or Pointing at your Pointer, a website which detects your pointer on the screen and finds the closesc image in which someone points to your pointer.

The funniest of all is the website that answers to only one Question: Has the LHC destoryed the world yet? The answer is no.

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