Breathtaking ISS time lapse [Bonus: ESO offers prises]

Earth {ISS-Timelapse} – Rise from Joan is absolutely amazing. I was a bit disapointed at first with that overwhelming speed in the video, but then it got really interesting. Could not help it and needed to post it here.

This new time lapse of ISS reminds me why we need to go over any boundaries to get to the stars. You can do your own time lapse video with the pictures offfered freely by NASA here.

And while we’re as astronmy level here is the Bonus> ESO- Europe Southern Obervatory offers several prises, among them an iPAD and a journey to the VLT telescope in Paranal, Chile. For this you need to click the image below and then take part in the two competitions in there. What did you chose VLT to scout in the sky and what meesage have you tweeted to @ESO with the reason you want to go to Paranal? Enjoy!

Time lapse video via LINK.

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