You don’t type alone – VSauce explains [video]

In this very interesting video VSauce epxlains that we do not type alone when we write on our keyboards. About 600 000 people in the world press the space bar in the same as me now and rember that it takes 1/10 s to tap that key.

So, if you feel alone, don’t be. Just give your self some space (bar). VSauce found out that people in the offices hit the keys around 5000 to 10000 times a day and the mouse button around 1500 – 300 times a day. A games licks many more times, for sure.

If you want to find out how many times a day you click the mouse button or hit the keys, then What Pulse might help. Watch the video from above for more fun facts and interesting statistics. Buy VSauce shirts from here. Great work VSauce.

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