How to build a radio using a bottle and some wires [video]

Make Projects has always neat things to teach us. This bottle radio requires no advances studies and uses only some wires, no power source and a ear phone. Amazing what you can do with these.

In a zombie apocalypse you would need something like these. This device is also portable and generated electricity for the radio using the radio waves them selves.

Tools needed: Drill, Pliers, blunt-nosed, Screwdriver and Wire cutters. And then parts: Magnet wire, 150pf ceramic capacitor, 47kΩ Resistor, Speaker Wire (antenna), Mini Amplifier, Hookup wire, NTE 109 Germanium Diode, Crystal earphone, High Impedence, glass bottle (empty), 150-grit sandpaper, small piece, wood, various, to hold bottle, wiper, and components, coat hanger wire, or other stiff wire, copper ground spike, Insulated Ring Terminal, 16-pack, for 22-gauge wire, screws and washers, various, Lacquer, clear spray or brushable, 3.5mm audio cable, for mini amplifier, as needed
Clear tape and PVC Tape.

Quite a list, but remember: doing this project you will have a device that runs on radio waves and that also transforms those radio waves in sound. Those guys at Make Magazine are awesome.

Via [GaS].

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