More answers about Higgs Boson on Quora and Minute Physics

The Higgs Boson is considered to be an “excitation” (particle) of the Higgs Field which gives mass to particles that interact with it. Light does not interact much with it so it simply travel at 300,000 km/s.

I liked the question and answers that were published on Quora. The quesditon jokingly asked what does one need to know to sound clever and show that he or she has actually a clue about this particle.

The answers were technical enough, but I doubt that 99% of those who read those really understand what the people said there. I see the Higgs Boson as “something interesting” and that’s about it. Important is: the scientists are crazy about it and, maybe, we will have anti-gravitational vehicles. If not, I don’t wanna hear about the Higgs Boson again. 😀

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