Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla [video]

Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July 1856, about 156 years ago, and is seen as the father of commercial electricity and had many more achievements up his sleeves. We got him to thank to AC – alternate current which brings us electrical energy from faraway sources.

One of his dreams was to be able to transport electrical energy wirelesly, a thing that is becoming mainstream these years. We need to remember that Rectenna, the device that allows you to transform electromagnetic waves in electrical current has been in use on satellites since the 80s.

Most commonly known as RFID, those chips are using the principle or generating current wirelessly.

So, Happy B-Day Tesla. Worth reading the infographic from the Oatmeal and then the reply the Oatmeal gave to Fobes regarding Tesla.

Via [TechnoCult].

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