Great news: ACTA has been rejected on 4th July 2012

The video above shows what ACTA could have done to the internet freedom and to out digital civil rights. When private companies are given the right to police citizens that is never a good thing.

ACTA got rejected today with 478 agains and 39 for the Treaty. We won. 4th of July 2012 means a symbolic Independence Day for Europe.

TorrentFreak reminds us that because the EU rejected ACTA this International Treaty is as good as dead. That means it might not be applied in US or in any other country for that matter. thanks ACTA lobbyists because they know how to sell dreams, but they are not good strategists and thus they have contributed to this Treaty being rejected. Very well done guys.

One thing that we, in EU, need to be careful at now are the modifications of IPR Enforcement Directive the EP wanted to do. It seems that without SOPA and ACTA we wouldn’t have known that the nice MEP guys would create a home brew sort of ACTA. Yes, we were very close to have our own ACTA.

Now, the general population and the MEP know much more about tampering with internet rights and we need to pay heed to EDRI warning:

ACTA is not the end. ACTA is the beginning.

And, let’s finish with EDRI words:

Thank you ACTA. Thank you activists. And thank you pro-ACTA lobbyists, without you, none of this would have been possible.

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