The circle song or how mathemusicians hate Pi

ViHart is in love with Tau. If she marries Tau it won’t be any wonder. Tau is equal to 2*Pi and, if you want to work with trygonometry and radians then Tau seems a more logical unit since Tau would be afull circle, half of circle would be Tau/2 and so on.

Easy math and even easier to learn. Si, why do we still learn about Pi? Because Pi is ubiquitous and because the school system is built to use it. No one want to change things fromt he well established rule of Pi. Yet, there were some books written to support Tau and even ViHart has made a video of why Pi is wrong. Interesting watch.

So, why didn’t I catch a passion for math in college? Because it was damn boring, that’s why.

And, if you want to see all the science and geekyness from YouTube in only one place, then just watch the video from below. Our favorite science guys and gals are there: Vsauce, ViHart, John Green, MinutePhysics, CGPGrey, SixtySymbols, Smarter Every Day. I follow most of them and I don’t regret it. They ahve met in Canada for BrainSTEM, a conference of science YouTubers, instigated by Henry of MinutePhysics. Yay!

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