PressReader or why I’ve gotten in love with newspapers again

PressReader is a web, mobile and desktop app that lets you read your favorite newspaper directly on your device. I haven’t read newspapers in a while because it is more convenient to fire up Chrome and get all those news online, only a click away.

I’ve been playing around lately with PressReader and mostly like to read directly in browser. It has 2,100 full-content newspapers from 95 countries in 54 languages. That is quite impressive. And since more and more newspapers are read digitally they have calculated that 292,141 trees have been saved because of the no-print edition. I guess that tells something about the nowadays digital technology.

Have a sneak peek looking at the image from below:

You can listen to the articles, share them via Email, Twitter, Facebook, vote on them and even comment on them. If I wanted to imagine the newspapers int he future that would look like PressReader. Smart zoom helps you easily read small text and turning pages on web app is easy: either click on the margins of the pages or simply hold the mouse button and drag it in the right or left direction to turn the page.

In my book they get a straight A. Have you tried it yet? Pricing is affordable for most guys living in Western countries so why not check it out? What do you think about having your newspaper in your tablet or PC?

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