Why LHC won’t destroy the world with black holes or strangelets [video]

Sixty Symbols shows us in the above video why the world won’t be destroyed by the experiments at LHC. Seeing how tiny the particles and the results are I can be sure that there won’t be any issue from those experiments.

There are three main doomsday theories that involve LHC:

  • black holes will eat up the Earth – not really. The black holes that supposedly can be created at LHC are way too tiny to even matter in grand scale of things. Even if LHC would be able to create a black hole it would need about 10,000 years to destroy the Earth. Given the fact that, at current technological advances, we will find a way to travel faster than light in about 300 years, that black hole better be hurry 😛 (The 300 years figure was given by us from a professor of Mathematics while I was attending Computer Science studies at Transilvania University, in Brasov, Romania. Soon enough, I left from there to become an aerospace engineer, but only on paper)
  • strangelets – in the atomic nuclei the neutrons and protons are formed from quarks: up and down. And there is the third one: the strange quark. Any combination of up, down and strange quarks are named strangelets. If this could happen then our Earth would become a big soup of strangelets. Not gonna happen.
  • creating universes – theoretically everywhere in the Universe many tiny universes are created each second at Planck dimension level. At that dimension it doesn’t matter if there are 7 or 11 dimensions, we still win in our Universe with the four dimensions. Take that doomsday.

Thinking of that, maybe I should have followed the Theoretical Physics courses. Who knows? Anyways, LHC won’t blow up the Earth and we’ll continue being watched by aliens.

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