Sugru allows you to repair and improve almost anything [invention]

Sugru is the new wonderkid in the block. It is an air-curing rubber based on Silicon that can be used to repair household items, it sticks on many surfaces, waterproof, easy to remove and it is stable at high or low temperatures.

It is sold in packs of 8 packets that cost together about $18. You can select between black, black and white or colored packets. Great invention and just the right time to be deployed.

I read about the story Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, the fine artist who became materials scientist and invented Sugru, and learned one thing: when you find something worth doing, don’t stop at creating financial plans. simply let the ball rolling, go forward and you’ll see the great things it will evolve into. Amazing people, amazing Sugru. Via [TechCrunch].

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