Inception Bubbles In Space On Board Of ISS [science]

They say they are anti-bubbles, I say they are inception bubbles: a water bubble inside an air bubble inside of a water bubble inside of ISS. The amazing experiment is done by Dr. Don Pettit on board of International Space Station.

The challenge named The Science Of Sphere asks why do the bubbles center them selves when the big bubble rotates and if there is no gravity around? Answer: because there is the centrifugal force. Quoted from Physics Central:

Water is denser than air so it is pushed to the outside of the bubble as it feels a greater centrifugal force (but H20 also has strong intermolecular forces so it doesn`t scatter) and air is accumulated in the middle (as the other space is taken by the water).

Now you see why people want to go into space. Because of the antibubbles. Via [Neatorama].

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