See Water Flow In Reverse [illusion]

Brusspup made a crazy experiment. It cannot be seen with teh naked eye (okay, only if you used stroboscopic light) and you need a camera, water and a subwoofer.

Put a bucker of water at 5 feet height in front of a subwoofer, generate sound at 24 hz sine wave and set your camera to record at 24fps. That does the trick. If you set the sound at 23hx you will see in the camera how the water flows in reverse. Crazy and awesome experiment. Via [GaS].

3 Responses to “See Water Flow In Reverse [illusion]”

  1. What was that? So it’s a post processing trick? Playing video in reverse?

    • No post trick there. It was a movie filmed at 24 fps while the water was flowing being bombarded by a 24 Hz sine wave. The camera doesn’t catch all the intermediate positions those water droplets go through and this is why you see the water simply staying in the air.