Walking On Air – Amazing ISS Time Lapse

Can you imagine living in space, like the ISS crew does? Ron Haran published a status update on Google+ with the above time lapse and it is amazing.

The video shows pictures taken by the Expedition 30 while it was flying over our heads. Below you can see the list of places photographed by ISS crew members:
:01 — Stars over southern United States
:08 — US west coast to Canada
:21 — Central Europe to the Middle East
:36 — Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
:54 — Storms over Africa
1:08 — Central United States
1:20 — Midwest United States
1:33 — United Kingdom to Baltic Sea
1:46 — Moonset
1:55 — Northern United States to Eastern Canada
2:12 — Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
2:32 — Comet Lovejoy
2:53 — Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay
3:06 — United Kingdom to Central Europe

Amazing. Enjoy it in HD. Via [Ron Haran].

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