SurfaceScreen – Awesome Hidrophobic Coating Already On Sale [always dry]

If you’ve been waiting for a hydrophobic coating to keep your clothing always dry and stain free then SurfaceScreeen, a company from Australia, is already delivering this product for only $39.95.

For now they have for textile and leather, but in the near future they will roll out for metal and wooden surfaces. This water based repelling solution can be used on clothes, shoes, carpets, leather, car interiors and other synthetic fibers.

If you ask: no, oil or food won’t stick to your clothes. Gone are the days I couldn’t go to a restaurant in white clothes. For it to work you need to apply it evenly, wait for 24 hours and then use it for 6 months before needing to reapply the coating. So, lazy is, hydrophobic gets. Finally we go into the future with this!

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