Mass Effect 3 Alternative Ending Parody [song]

Terence Jay Music has made a parody regarding the ending of Mass Effect 3. Enough people got enraged with the ending which was considered to be somewhat unexpected or less creative.

Forbes has a great article on the possible theory behind this ending: Shepard indoctrination and/or the release of new endings via DLCs by BioWare. The DLC theory doesn’t seems to be true as Bioware has announced that after public criticism they will work on a DLC.

Another point of view can be found on The Mary Sue where lack of choice, lack of closure and the potholes are mentioned.

Shepards death would not be a bad ending at all if we would’ve been provided with more details about what happened with the rest of the Galaxy. I must admit that I hoped for a ending in which Shepard
will lead the humanity from his ship. After all, you fight and win a lot of battles only to die at the end. Great game, anyways! Via [Awesome Geeks are sexy].

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