In 2014 We’ll Have Our Own PAL-V Flying Car

The PAL-V is a two seated hybrid car and gyroplane. It has the rotors folded along the length of the vehicle. PAL-V can reach 180 kmh (120mph) in the air or on the ground and it can fly up to 1200m (4,000 feets).

The specs are awesome: it has a range of 220 miles and it needs only 30 m (approx 90 feet) to land. This flying car can use the freeway to simply take off and land. The era of personal flying vehicles is here. No info about prices or sale points. In 2014 it is expected to roll out for the masses, or at least for the ones who can aford such a nice toy. Via [One Cool Thing A Day].

Here is an image with this amazing vehicle:

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