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Learn To Love Math with Vi Hart, The Mathemusician [Pi Music]

Only after I finished Aerospace Engineering and got an average grade I understood the importance of math. I simply hated Algebra or Trigonometry because I could nto see the beauty behind them.

Lately I started to relearn the 5th grade math and up. I use Khan Academy for this. Baby steps, mind you? Hopefully soon enough I’ll get to fully understand and use in my daily life Algebra. Calculating a volume and playing with integrals is a fun thing to do when you understand how those formulae connect to real world facts.

Vihart, known as The Mathemusician, creates math videos and explains the philosophy and methods used in math. Above is a plain explanation of why 0.(9) is not 1. Mathematically it is true, however form an engineering stand point (depending on the industry), 0.(9) is 1. Why? Because we can never know the REAL diomension of an object and we need to approximate and use nominal (standard) values ๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy.

What are fractal fractions

Why Pi is wrong

Pi Politics

And now you can hear how does Pi sound

That’s more like it ๐Ÿ˜€ And here is the math tree for my 5th grade math session. Let me get to the bottom of that and I’ll be a happy man. (No, get a life does not count as a comment here :D). Click to learn math again!

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