10 Most Known Hoaxes in Our History

April Fools Day is not over yet so why not hag around with some mithbusting? 10 of the most infamous hoaxes await you in the above video. Long time people believed they were true, but a cool head and some research has brought light into this mess.

The ten hoaxes debunked in this video are: The Turk (1770), Thomas Edison’s Food Machine (1878), The Cardiff Giant (1869), Zero Gravity Day (1976), The Fiji Mermaid (1842), Th Hitler Diaries (1983), The Cottingley Fairies (1917), The Roswell Autopsy (1990s), Rabbit Birth (1726), and The Piltdown Man (1912). Many believed tthese and I wanted to belive the Roswell thiing. Well, there may be ETs out there anyways, right? Via [Presurfer].

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