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TehGeekTive is going dark to protest SOPA

Although this blog is small and not even in US, TGT – short for TehGeekTive, will go dark on 18th January 2012 in protest against SOPA(and PIPA). This infamous act is meant to be good, but the loopholes and the broad coverage gives US Government and corporations the ability to shut down any site from US and to block access to site form outside US.

That being said, if such bill passes, the the greatest democracy in the World will become communist, at least in regards to internet. If this happens many countries will follow suit. Blocking free speech like that ain’t and never was a good idea. Still the entertainment industry, which contributes far less than the tech industry to the economy, hopes that using this bill people will buy more movies.


You wll still be able to access any kind of site just using it’s IP. Just do a ping command in Windows CMD for any site and you’ll get the IP.(Open Star-Run- type CMD- when the command promt is open type: ping -> there’s your IP). There is even a SOPA emergency IP list on Stumbleupon. And even the Firefox Add-On DeSOPA, which lets you connect to any site, even if you don’t know it’s IP.

In a nutshell: SOPA has failed before it was even born.

So, it will be used to give corporations the power to abuse and block free speech. Do you want to know who wants to protect us and the internet? Check the footer of American Censoriship. Those sites (Wikimedia, Mozilla, EFF, Creative Commons and others) have helped more than the entertainment industry.

CopyBlogger summarized what SOPA is in a very well documented article. He lists there several issues with SOPA: your site can be shut down wheter or not you’ve done anything wrong, SOPA is toothless for real pirates, you are not a bad guy, but you’re the one who will get punished… More on this on his blog.

Getting ready to go black on Blackout Day too? Mashable has announced that Wikipedia English is going dark tomorrow from 5 am UCT, for 24 hours. BoingBoing is doing the same.

If you have a blog or website you can participate by putting a custom home page on 18th January. You can either use the cum (and very neat) template BoinBoing was writing about these days or, if you have a WordPress site use one of the plugins from Jeff Sayre’s Google+ post.

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