Fancy for the end of the world? 2012 will not be it. Happy New Year

Happy New Year and thanks Neatorama for clearing that up by posting the video above: no end of the world in 2012. Maybe, we’ll just skip to 6789? C.G.P. Grey explains why the mayans didn’t foresee any end of the world and why modern science is here to save the day.

Mayans ended their calender in 2012, but that doesn’t mean anything else than the fact that they had something else better to do than to chart the entire time a million years after them. New Age fans and Hollywood took the calender and some created a religion around this fact and others created apocalypse movies. So, even though the end of the world will not come (too soon) it is still an enjoyment for many believers.

|And now let’s see the importance of the calender in the video below. After you will se the video you’ll notice that many things are relative so no end of the world could be predicted. Maybe with five minutes before it comes, but that’s all. Via Neatorama.

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