Anti SOPA rap and how to sidestep SOPA

Geeksaresexy do not like SOPA, and neither does TehGeekTive. No way. This is why a lot of people did what they could: wrote posts, participated in anti-SOPA meetings or did rap song. Dan Bull’s Anti-SOPA Rap is an inspiring song about what such a law could mean to us and the changes it may create in the web world.

SOPA in its self is a good law, but it will give the companies and institutions the right to do pretty much they want on the internet. Fight it and let’s keep the internet free.

If this law gets approved then we still have a chance. Gizmodo shows us how to sidestep SOPA by using a Firefox Add-On named DeSOPA that will find the ip of a given domain and direct you to the site is they used the law to block a domain.

So, SOPA or no SOPA we will still use technology to keep us as free as possible. Down with SOPA.

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