Light just got caught with a one trillion frames per second camera

Enter femto cameras. They can film at one trillion frames per second. That means that they can catch on film something that is a million times faster than a bullet: light. Yep, you heard it. Researchers at MIT Media Lab postdoc Andreas Velten and his colleagues, professor Ramesh Raskar and Moungi Bawendi, chemistry professor, used a streak camera to film 1D movies of light travelling through a plastic bottle full of water.

Interesting thing is that light is very much fluid. After they film a 1D video they repeat many times the experiemnt and create new 1D movies. After all this the streak camrea combines all those lines of movie into a 2D normal video that we can see. You can read the explanations on the project page.

could this be really true? It seems that yes, we’ve beaten sci-fi movies and we’ve done this without even being able to properly walk on the Moon. Discovery News has an excerpt of this experiment and MIT News shows some other details as well.

The New York Times showed them selves impressed by this incredible feat and BBC could not stay away. Me neither and none of us can. Star Trek get ready. We’ve caught the light and we will do more awesome things. Via [].

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