Oh, no, Skyrim is going to get me -The Dragonborn Comes bard song

Believe me. I like to play, but I try to stay as far away form Skyrim. I need to work guys and if I’ll start playing there’s no telling what will happen. And now… Malufenix sung the Draogonborn comes bard song and she got me on the brink of wanting to install the game. I… must… resist.

Well, she sings pretty well and and cuteness is something I didn’t accounted for when I was thinking about Skyrim, this awesome pc game. The song is on repeat for 20 minutes now and can’t get bored. I remember the days of Gothic III, when I was playing like mad and even finished the game three times. Let’s sing the bard song. Really nice. Via [Geeksaresexy].


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