NeverWet superhydrophobic nanotech coating will be available in mid 2012 [email]

Yes, the wonder product from NeverWet will be commercially available from mid 2012. This superhydrophobic coating is based on a nanotech substance that has the contact angle for water of over 160 degrees. That means no water or otherwise wet substances can adhere to the object coated with NeverWet.

It can be applied as anti-wetting, anti-icing, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial and as a self-cleaning solution. The future is here boys, like it or not. I guess we all agree that we should just dump our washing machines, right?

Today I got the email that they’ve got over 15,000 inquiries about the product (one of them from me, of course). The final consumer product will be sold in aerosol cans, but the industrial products are already available for the companies who want them. The coating can be transparent or tinted. In the near future more videos will emerge form the companies that use this product. If you want to be informed by email about the exact date of availability please fill in this contact form.

Do not forget to like NeverWet Facebook Page here. As I stated in a comment to my previous post avout this superhydrophobic coating I will receive via email some more details in the future. Stay tuned and be amazed, ’cause I surely am šŸ˜€

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Is now 2013 and I still can’t find it available anywhere. Either it got pushed back for further testing or they straight lied about the date.

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