How to become a Google Search God [infographic]

Google has changed a lot the way we see the web. Google Search helps us find anything we want only by typing some words in a box. But that is not all. The infographic below shows how to become a master at searching by using some tips and tricks.

Some of us know already how to use parameters like: site, filetype, intitle, author and operators. But it is much easier to simply ask: Whats is that? or How do I do that? Well, that is not helpful and we should learn a bit how to communicate effectively in order to get the best search results.

Let’s take a very easy example outlined in the image below:

  • what do you search: posts written by NYTimes that mention test score in college without SAT and which were written between the years 2008 and 2010.
  • you will write in Google Search box-> ~college “test scores” -SAT 2008..2010
  • – all the pieces of info from that site only
  • ~college – it searches related words also, like higher education
  • “test scores” – searches this exact string
  • -SAT – the results that mention SAT are voided
  • 2008..2010 – searches posts from 2008 – 2010

We have to thank Hack College for putting together this very useful and interesting infographic about search tips. I think we really needed it since there are still junk results when we search for whatever.
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Created by: HackCollege

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