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Occupy Movement explained and the walk of shame [videos]

99% vs 1% : explained from mariana santos on Vimeo. Thanks Kuriositas.

Well, the cause of Occupy Movement is somewhat the Recession. In the video above you can clearly see that 1% of US population have almost 1/3 the wealth of the entire country. That may not be an issue, because in democracy if you work more you have more.

Interestingly enough those 1% do not pay as much taxes, only 18% since the normal people pay about 24% of their income. At first, there were no clear demands, but by now Occupy Movement, a peaceful protest at heart, wants better jobs, more equal distribution of income, bank reform and a reduction of the influence the corporations have on politics. If SOPA gets approved then we all have to thank the corporation for losing the web as we now it and entering into a censorship land.

Below you can see a video shared by Neatorama today. It explains how the national debt is created and the fact that money are mostly a value in their self and are not baked up by reserves. It is kinda hard to explain how the money flows in a state and how can they simply create new bills out of thin air, but I hope this video sheds some light.

Since Occupy Movement is peaceful why do these clashes take place so often? Well, it seems that the police, or better yet, the chains of command fear the power of many and try to contain them. They fail, nonetheless. A clear example is the walk of shame, where student simply sit with their legs crossed and do nothing: the best form of peaceful (as in non-violent) protest there is.

Guess by know the entire world knows about the police officer that pepper sprayed some students who were peacefully protesting at the University of California, Davis on Friday (11th November 2011). The very next day the students were protesting, again, peacefully to confront Cancello Katehi.

Do you think that the people who are against SOPA and the ones that take part in Occupy Movement have a common road? I think yes. We love corporations, we buy their things and praise them each day we use their things. But really, they are the ones who need to be contained in order NOT to influence so much the political decisions.

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