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Google AdWords Tips or how you can understand the magic of ads [infographic]

I must admit that when some things seem to be difficult I just back up until I get a better chance to understand the subject at hand. Like with Google AdWords. I have tested a campaign and just just flushed the money down the toilet.

With the infographic below I found the seed of information that got me to understand a bit better the world of online ads. You need to have a better AdRank than your competitors, that means that the QualityScore needs to be higher. Who bids more has the change to get a better position in ad container, on SERP page.

Pulpmedia, the creators of this infographic, outlined the fact that you need to follow these tips when optimizing a AdWords account:

  1. create highly targeted ad groups – always use at least two ad variations per ad group
  2. do A/B testing of ad groups – split test your ad groups, change something here and there and then test
  3. clever bidding strategies – you need to pause keywords and text ads at certain times and raise max CPC to first page bid estimate (see details at the end of infographic)

Nice, huh? You bet. If I’ll start another campaign soon I’ll know to look at these things first. Do you have other tips? Thanks Search Engine Land for sharing.

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