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Do you have a 4G phone? Guess what: you’ve been lied to [explanation]

If you have a 4G phone form whatever carrier you need to know that you’ve been lied to. 4G is 100Mbps, and not 12-16Mbps used for HSPA+, which is wrongfully named “4G” only from a marketing standpoint.

The video above sheds some light on the speed of internet on mobile phones and it outlines the fact that the “4G” spec is useful only for internet access. anyways, when we will be able to have 100Mbps on our phones 2015 will way past us. Doug Aamoth, from TechLand, explains short and on the point What is the deal with 4G. Shorter and better than he said I guess it’s a big hard to find.

Enjoy another three minutes of new things to learn. Via [TechCrunch].

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