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Time exists because of space – Minute Physics explains [video]

Minute Physics explains what time is and “time is a lot like space”. The existence of time is measured by the fact that entropy (ability of a system to become more disorderly over time) is increasing. Caltech physicist Sean Carroll explains that at first the Universe was a very ordered system and it’s becoming more and more disorderly.

Thus, the concept of time is a very real presence, not just used in theoretical calculations.

The link between time and space is obvious when you think of Einsten’s Relativity Theory: time passes slower in a moving system (Special Relativity) and time flows faster at longer distances from a center of gravity (General Relativity). You might want a detailed explanation of this phenomenon of time not being consistent in all systems by watching the explanation about GPS and time.

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Just found this video on Stumbleupon. The question I have about it is this: Why are we, as a species, so self-centered as to assume that, just because we observe the arrow of time moving in the direction we choose to call “forward”, that we’re moving from the beginning of creation to the end? Maybe the true beginning of creation was a state of maximum entropy and it’s moving towards maximum order, and we’re the ones going backward in time. Maybe there is NO beginning or end, just a circle. Maybe time is an illusion created by our inability to intentionally move in the fourth dimension.

Well, the question of why has a simple answer: we are self conscious and we have a spirit of conservation.

Being self conscious will transform you in the center of the (your) Universe. The question is not why, instead is this: can we separate the time from the other dimensions. Is time really a linear path? Or others the like. I do believe that we go forward (a figure of speech, because you move from a state in space-time to another one).

Given the fact that our existence can be reduced (absurdly) to the equation: Me=f(x,y,z,p(x1,y1,z1),t); x,y,z, – space (my physical dimensions), p – position; t- time, ie we exist as a physical being in a certain space and at a certain time, you will soon discover that Me from now is not the same from Me from 2 seconds ago. Time changes.

Using this simple math you can see that what happens is change. And we choose to call this : forward. I agree with you that we might move in circles, or better yet, spirals. We get to the same point at one time, but with new info, thus making the return point a bit different.

So, even if you go in circles you will go forward all the way.

My question is this: where’s the name calling and the ad hominem attacks? A rational argument? In the comments section of an article on the web? What kind of s**t is that?
I’m giving no small amount of weight to Whyttedragun’s argument though. For reference, perhaps the Voyager spacecraft…they’re hurtling toward interstellar space as we speak, arguably one has already breached the heliopause. In essence, they’re both going in spirals though, yet still circling the center of the galaxy. My feeling is that words like ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ [through time] are coarsely relative at best, and capture insignificant aspects of what we intellectually and perceptually crippled humans call ‘time’.

Yes, it is rare to see comments sections where people are civilized 😛

Forward and backward are conventions we can’t live without. We need a sense of direction. This is how we evolved through the time (and space).

Time is a real thing, as it does not depend on us to exist in order for it to do its work. Time, as a concept, can be translated into the fact that things change.

If nothing would change, and no movement would be possible, then we could say time does not exist. Nothing happens.

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