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Superhydrophobic coating brings nanotech in our houses [technology]

NeverWet is a superhydrophobic nanotech coating created by Ross Technology Corp that repels any kind of wet material from the surfaces it has been applied on. More than that, if you cover an iPhone in this coating and put it in a water tank the phone will simply work unhindered.

[UPDATE: 30 November 2011]NeverWet will be available from mid 2012. Details here.
[UPDATE: 25 June 2013]Neverwet is finally here. Click for details.

Well, that is a thing I REALLY want to have in my house. Can you imagine clothing that never needs washing, tables that can be cleaned pretty easy and electronics that can be used even in water? That time has come. I am curious to know how much this thing costs and when will we be able to have it. Thanks Gizmodo for sharing.

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Woah. Okay. Imagine going swimming with that stuff completely covering your clothes. You would only need a towel for your hair. 🙂

Question…if you spray it on your clothes to repel stains, you still have to wash them eventually. How you going to do that if it repels water?

yeah but you’re still sweating under there. You forgot deodorant? BAM gotta buy a new shirt. I guess you could spray the inside too… but I doubt that would be comfortable. And i guess you could wash it if the inside is uncoated… but that seems weird. I wonder if the coating would separate from the shirt in a washing machine?

the reason it repels water is because it is hydrophobic, which usually means it is a non-polar molecule, which cannot be dissolved by water. many fats and other things that dirty our clothing and stuff are polar, non-polar, which is why we invented soap, so that we have a non polar molecule supplementing the polar water molecules and allowing them to remove the dirt and grime. all you need is a bit of soap, you could douse your clothes in it but as soon as the soap hits it the waterproofing spray comes off and your clothes are back to the way you purchased them, ready to be cleaned

i TOTALLY wanna be their spokesman. ill make thousands of YT videos of what i can coat and what i can do with it… or buy a case and do it anyways…

Well, reading your comments I can say that it might be tricky to use it on your skin. We sweat and it possible that it will not works on us :))

I got very excited too about this thing and sent them an email asking for a price and release date and all. Hope they will give us an answer soon enough, because this is simply awesome.

What if you get oil or grease on your clothes? Will there be a superstain? And how can you wash out the stain if water is repelled?

This sounds very much like the 1951 movie “The man in the white suit” starring Sir Alec Guinness. If you have never seen it, you should. Perhaps the reason u can’t buy it is similar to what happens in the movie.

Since the human body is mostly water, what effect would this product have when in prolonged contact with human skin? ie: like is shoes, socks or underwear, etc.

I would think that if will be used with products that do not come into direct contact with skin, like shoes, and not socks. Or on the outer surfaces.

Anyways, I wouldn’t like that on my skin :))

So I just wash my car and coat it in this stuff and I’m good to go. Also, if you soak your clothes in this liquid how can you wash them if they repel water?

imagine the effects that would have on swimmers, spray it on a body suit and the swimmer has no resistance in the water… or boats for that matter…. very interesting

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