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English is everywhere – what is English anyway? [video]

English is not my first language, nor the second, nor the third. I learned it watching cartoons, playing games and watching looots of movies. All in English. English language, like any other language, knew a lot of changes over the time. The history of this language is tied to the events that shaped Great Britain and its civilization.

In this interesting movie done by The Open University we can have a brief look in the evolution of a language, from the simplest words to one of the most complex (or vast) languages in the world. A million words in an unknown dictionary tells you anything?

A wise man told me a while ago: “Manny, you are as many people as languages you speak!” Kinda true. I like to know a foreign language. It opens up a whole new world. How many languages do you speak?

5 replies on “English is everywhere – what is English anyway? [video]”

You failed to do two things:
1. motivate you opinion -why it is a waste?
2. specifying the loss – what type of waste? Waste of time, of money, of brains?

I know a man who speaks 10 languages and he is very well. You gain and you do not lose by learning more. More languages open up new doors and new understandings.

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