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Asimo beats you at soccer – not yet [video]

Japan almost lost the robot race once NAO surfaced and took over universities, development departments and other areas. That little bugger is freaking awesome and cute, I must admit.

Recently, on 9th november 2011, Honda just jumped back on track and presented to the whole the all new Asimo, human size bipedal autonmous robot. It has 48 kgs (105 lbs), it can walk with a speed of 9 km/ (6 mph) and is agile as it can be.

TechCrunch reports that Asimo can track the discussion between people, recognizes faces, hits a ball, stops and then resumes a previous action. Another cool thing it can do is to stand on a leg or hop in circles. That’s a G+ feature in RoboLand. Check other video too.

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