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How US chooses it’s President – learn about the Electoral College [video]

Do US citizens choose their President? Well, kinda. In his newest video C.G.P. Grey explains the ins and outs of Presidential Elections and you may be a little surprised to find you that you have kinda some power in electing the most powerful man in the World.

This is how it works: people choose Electors who in turn choose the President. This is a remained of the old times when people needed to have somebody to represent the masses and send their votes further up the chain. Interestingly you will find out in the video that there are places in the Universe where US citizen are no allowed to vote the President. Or that Washington DC is not a state (think that you knew that already).

An now the second part: The Trouble with the Electoral College.

States vote and not the people. Interesting, huh?

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