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You love procrastination, don’t you? See here why [video]

Procrastination. It is the devil from our mind that tricks us that what we WANT to do is better than what we SHOULD do and, thus, we are leaving activities behind. It is damn easy today to get distracted and to find excuses for our failures.

Maybe we shouldn’t search anymore for excuses, for “but’s”, for “I don’t know’s” and so on. You know why you are not living your dream? Say what?! You live your dream? Then just don’t read further: it is not for you. For us, the other ones, we are not living our dream because we search for excuses and procrastinate when it comes to do what’s RIGHT or what we SHOULD do.

And guess what? The search for excuses is always successful. And procrastination helps a LOT in undermining and hindering the only person that could truly help us: our very own person, WE. So, you may want to do something about this. The following video is a book trailer for David McRaney’s book, YOU are NOT so SMART.

A short and insightful video. Tell me your thoughts in comment section. What’s stopping you from living your dream? Via [Geeksaresexy].

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