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Infographics: what are they about and what is the half life of a share [infographic]

If you don’t really like statistics and bulk of data that anyways no one can understand, then you should look at infographics. Yep. They are the most easy to understand for of data visualization. And I love them. It’s a lot easier than reading an post somewhere and the impact is higher.

The guys at Cool Infographics have posted a nice explanatory video about data vizualization made by Column Five Media. You gotta love what these guys are doing out there.

The Value of Data Visualization from Column Five on Vimeo.

Now that you got to see what this is about let’s see what the half life of a link on Stumbleupon is. The half life of a link is the point in time when that link has gathered half of the total shares it will ever get. And guess what: Stumbleupon says the life cicly of a web page in their network is a lot bigger than, let’s say Facebook or witter.

More information on this in the infographic below. Via [Search Engine Land]. How much do you share? I share about 30% of the posts that I read and like. Don’t like spamming the timelines 😀

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