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Not enough of tech? Here’s three podcasts for the geek in you!

If you like tech, tech news and other fancy geeky stuff, than you should really get to listen to tech podcasts. The only reason I play car games is that, instead of listening to the games music, I listen to the podcaster speaking about the quantum lock, some new cool gadgets or about the thousands of pages of data Facebook collects about your activity.

And listening to these podcasts can get the geek in your addicted, and that’s why I say that they are geektive. So, let’s roll out my favorite three tech podcasts.

The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy is a show made by Leo Laporte who is in tech reporting since the nineties. Here you will find out things about the newest gadgets and trends in tech, usually from IT side, and he answers to phone calls.

You can call in and ask to be assissted with any issue and he will help you get into the right direction. All the relevant links and show notes can be found on the website The Tech Guy Labs. Believe me, when you listen to this show it’s impossible not to learn something new every time.

Geek News Central

Todd Cochrane lives in the beautiful state of Hawaii and from there his show, Geek News Central, reaches over 160 000 listeners from all over the world. In a few days he will celebrate seven years of the show which is quite interesting.

You get to find out a lot about the things that happen in tech, not only about gadgets, but about other neat stuff like space travel, satellites, research in Physics. If you subscribe to his mailing list you get to keep in your mail a weekly email with all those good links to the stories he speaks of. Man, you gotta love these guys who are sharing a lot of the things they find out.

Podnutz Daily

If you are in the computer repair business or simply want to understand how to work you way better with computers you need to listen to what Steve D’amico and his guests have to say. In each episode he invites people that run a business or work in the IT department where they encounter all kind of troubles. They speak about their business model, about really practical things like how much does an hours of work worth and the tools they use.

So you need to go here an subscribe to this podcast too. You can see all other relevant info on Podnutz Daily site. You will love it.

What other really cool and geeky podcasts do you know? You may never know where the new geektive show may be 😀

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