Tablet app for blind people [genius]

I write here about tech – inventions and concepts – and I get pretty happy when I do find out about useful things like the tablet app that allows blind pleople to write. The guys at Stanford University, represented by Adam Duran, Adrian Lew and Sohan Dharmaraja have showed off this app that brings the “keyboard” to your fingertips.

The eight areas (circles) that show up on the screen allow you to write almost like in Braille system. You will not feel like having actual keys under your fingers, instead you will get used to the position of the fingers when you type using only short touches of the tablet’s surface.

To select a given option from the menu you only need to swipe from left to right and then stop at a certain distance form the display’s edge. You will have always a virtual narrator with you. Thank to multi-touch and the virtual assistant these things are possible.

Given the fact that Braile laptops or writing systems cost up to $6000 these apps might just be a welcomed fresh air. And much cheaper too. The app has been created at Army High-Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC), during a research camp that took place this summer. The camp has been supervised by Stanford University.

There is no ETA as to when will these type of tablets come into markets, but I hope it will be pretty soon. Via [Gizmodo].

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