Patent war or technological regression [infographic] #firstpost

If someone wants to see some lame soap opera acting in tech world then they should be looking at the lawsuits and acquisitions made by the biggest companies in the world, where the patents are used both as shield and weapons.

Theoretically, a patent has the sole role to protect the work of the inventor and to give him the opportunity to make some bucks from it. Practically, using even the smallest characteristics of mobile devices (mainly) tech companies and patent trolls simply fool around and forget that at the middle are we, the ones who use those devices.

Some details need to be outlined: 270 lawsuits this year in US only, $12.4 billion thrown away only to have a bigger patent library (instead using that money to do something actually useful), hundreds of thousands od dollars thwon away for each patent. The pursuit of profit makes the companies forget that they have a responsibility for their clients.

A thing is still certain: if you have 750 million people in your user base you don’t care if the changes you make affect hundreds or even thousands of them. And we talk here about the fact that you depend on these companies for the most part of your activities and don’t really have a choice. Yes, you can choose between dozens of smartphones, but you will still have to stay with your carrier.

The following infographic has been made by MBA Online and offers some very interesting pieces of information about the patent wars. What can we do about it? We can’t give up and just hide in some bushes or refuse to buy their products. We have to find alternatives.
Created by: MBA Online

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