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Video games: how to choose the best video card for your needs?

Jay knows best when it comes to video cards and he knows best not to say you definitively need card X or Y. But he does share some principles you should obey if you want to get the best video game card ever.

In the video from above he outlines thee things you need to look at when searching for video cards:
1. what monitor will you use – use this knowledge to match the graphics card power so that it can handle the amount of info the monitor can display
2. for how much time do you want to use it – if you want to use it for years on end, then choose a graphics card that is a bit more expensive.
3. buy on budget – budgetwise, make sure that when you create a gaming rig where the video card is at least 40% of the price.

In video games the graphics card does all the heavy lifting so you should be careful at those three principles from above.

Also, check out his other video with a review he made about Sapphire AMD R9 285 ITX Compact video card:

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