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Chemistry: what makes beer well… beer?

Compound Chem has created a great infographic about beer and the chemical substances that gives beer its bitterness and flavor. Since I am a fan of beer there was a matter of time before I would publish another blog post about beer 😀

How is a beer created, in steps:
1. milling – dried barley is put together and ground
2. mashing – water is added and then it will produce wort
3. brewing – hops are added and then the mixture is boiled
4. cooling – mixture is cooled to under 10 degrees Celsius
5. fermenting – yeast is added and then alcohol is produces
6. maturing – left to mature, filtered and then bottled

Now you know how beer is created.

With 800 different substances int he beer the most known chemical substances found in it are:
– alpha acids found in hops, add bitterness: humulone, cohumulone, adhumulone, posthumulone, prehumulone
– beta acids, also found in hops and add bitterness
– essential oils from hops, add aroma and flavor: caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene
– esthers, add fruity flavors: isoamyl acetate, ethyl hexoanoate.

Read more on Compound Chem.

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