AK-47 underwater shooting at 27,450 frames per second

Destin is into guns. A lot. In the video from above you can see how far does an AK-47 bullet travel in the water.The bullet is stopped at about 5-6 feet from the gun’s barrel. Just FYI.

At 27,450 frames per second you can see the dynamics of such an event. The bullet gets out of the barrel, then a gas bubble from the gunpowder is created, then a bubble looking like glass is formed after the gunpowder bubble, right behind the bullet.

In the videos you will see often the bubbles expanding and then compressing and then expanding and compressing again. Destin explained that when the bullet gets out of the barrel it creates a bubble with high pressure gas inside it. That gas expands into the water as far as it gets, until the pressure of the water is bigger than the pressure from inside the bubble. Then the bubble compresses.

During compression the gas from the bubble gains pressure again and then it expands once more. This process repeats itself as many times as it gets to consume the kinetic energy generated initially by the bullet. You could never think that this type of process can be caught on tape while firing an AK-47 underwater. Thanks, Destin, for this video!

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