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Vsauce explains some things about travel to other stars

Travelling to the Moon or to Mars is prohibitively expensive, but how about traveling to the stars? Right now it seems a crazy thing to try and do. The first nearby star is Proxima Centauri, at 1 parsec or 3.2 lightyears distance from Sol.

How fast could you get there? The fastest man made space object was racing at about 70km/s and it would need 19 000 years to get to Proxima Centauri.

Many hope that wormholes will help in travelling to other stars and some are seriously thinking about building a Alcubierre Drive, that would bend space to obtain fast-than-light speeds.

When will we be able to fly to the stars? One of our professors at the Transilvania University told us that it will take us 300 years to build a craft tat can fly with the speed of light.

Given the pace of technologic development it may seem that in about 1100 years we may be able to travel to other stars. But, as there is always a but, that will happen only if we will survive and not kill each other or be killed by a cataclismic event.

Anyways, in about 5 – 50 million years we may colonize the entire Galaxy. That’s something!

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